A Letter to My Daughters

A Letter to My Daughters

As a CEO and mother, one of the most important things I can do in my life is serve as an example to my daughters.  They represent the next generation of leadership, so by supporting them I am actively investing in the future of us all.  This is the reason my daughter Amanda and I joined EgonZehnder’s 2017 Dallas Leaders & Daughters panel [LINK TO POST], and my motivation behind writing a Leaders & Daughter’s letter to my daughters.  This letter sparked me to reflect on the struggles I’ve overcome and the lessons I’ve learned over my life.

By sharing it with you, I hope you will be inspired to actively invest in the young women in your life as well.


My dearest Amanda and Katarina,

I love you unconditionally. I want to begin with those four simple words because at the end of the day, above all I want you to know I love you both unconditionally.  As I write this letter you are 16 and 15, respectively and I am at the dawn of turning 46, the age my father was when he lost his life.  I can’t even imagine not being there for the rest of your life–to guide you, to teach you, to bring out the best in you, for that is what a mother’s role is in my mind.

My hope for you is that you come to realize in life that anything worth having is free. Faith, love, family and friendships, to name a few. While free, they require tender love and care, nurturing and feeding. So remember to make deposits everyday in the bank of relationships. Small deposits like a kind word, a handwritten note, be there for a friend expecting nothing in return. Those small deposits will flourish into relationships. As you grow up in life and strive to “succeed,”  remember that true success is the ability to be fully satisfied and happy with your contributions to the world. It is only then that you will feel at peace and fulfilled

The world is full of expectations and peer pressure; don’t be absorbed by it all. Strive to be a self-made, independent, confident woman. Let the quality of your work speak volumes.

Remember, like I’ve said so many, many times; confidence is the best outfit you can wear, always dress for the weather and at this age……..Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

I love you.