Straight from My Bookshelf

Straight from My Bookshelf: Dr. Betty Uribe’s #Values

I’ve said it before in print, but in case I didn’t say it loud enough, Dr. Betty Uribe’s book #Values is one of my favorite new business books!  The best kind of books for me are ones that help me recognize and remember things I’ve already learned, but that also stretch me to learn something new or see something in a different light.  Couple that with human interest and I’m sold!  I’ve always believed people learn best through personal story-telling and this book puts some pretty amazing people front and center to inspire and teach us.   
I wanted to share a few of my favorite lines from the book with you.  These are the ones I keep coming back to because they’ve been so true in my own life.
“Always remember: breakdowns are specifically designed to create breakthroughs… if you work through them.” [Page 71]
“What leaders want: honesty, confidence, energy, creativity, out-of-the-box thinkers, a strong desire to learn and grow, proactive, courageous, selfless, and capable.” [Page 191]
[Y]our people will know you by your actions, and everything flows down from the top.  Never underestimate the power of leading with your values.” [Page 221]
“Never forgetting where you came from means that 1) you value the people who supported you in your journey, 2) you seek a posture of humility and compassion with others, and 3) you reach back and bring others with you.” [Page 231]
I would like to leave you with this last thought.  In the words of Dr. Betty Uribe, “Success rarely comes from settling for the ordinary—it comes when you risk the extraordinary” [Page 222].  With that in mind, go — be #crazygood!