What Giving Back Gives You

What Giving Back Gives You

Lately purposeful profiting has moved more and more into the spotlight.  Corporations are realizing that earning profit isn’t enough; profit should have a purpose.  It’s why social entrepreneurs have become a huge trend.  More and more companies are being founded on a purpose, matching their sales to philanthropic efforts like TOMS and Seventh Generation.  Purposeful profiting speaks to something in everyone, a need to give back through our actions.  It’s no wonder it has become increasingly popular, especially amongst the millennial generation.  I’m delighted to see the shift to purposeful profiting in our society, because its a principle I’ve championed for the last twenty years.

Giving back has always been at the heart of what I do, so much so that I made giving back a core principle at Pinnacle Group when I founded it.  Since then, we have built a legacy of giving back at Pinnacle Group.  It’s our compass, and through giving back we have been given more than I could ever imagine.

Internally, giving back has united Pinnacle employees to invest in others.  Together we have built communities and invested in causes that are important to our own employees.  Just this year, we have partnered with a local collegiate academy to graduate STEM high school students ready to enter successful careers.  We’ve invited these students, our talent pipeline, to learn from Pinnacle Group, and through investing in our future we have strengthened our Pinnacle teams and bonds.

I’m also incredibly impressed by the synergy we have witnessed from partnering to give back with our customers.  We pair up with them to give back together, and it has strengthened our partnership between ourselves and our clients.

Overall, I’ve seen us work harder, faster, and smarter because we are motivated to make Pinnacle, our partners, and our communities a success.  These are the results of giving back being at our core.  They are the tangible and intangible benefits giving back gives us.

It comes down to one thought.  When I reflect on what giving back has given Pinnacle Group, I wonder how companies can afford not to give back.