Lifting each other up at the Texas Conference for Women

Lifting each other up at the Texas Conference for Women

I can’t wait to participate in the Texas Conference for Women – the largest women’s conference in the state!

Thousands of women will come together in Austin this week to swap ideas, join forces, and make lasting change across Texas and beyond. Seeing so many women invest in each other’s success is beyond inspiring.

The conference fosters personal and professional growth by bringing so many amazing women to the same place. One conversation can spark a lifetime of friendship and support. Such events are close to my heart because when women thrive, communities thrive. Networking and learning from one another motivates us so we go back to our families and jobs with a renewed sense of purpose.

No one does everything on their own. As I always say, “Surround yourself with people who truly want to see you succeed.” That’s where opportunities like this conference come in. They remind us that we’re not alone in this. We’ve got a whole group of women rooting for us, and that’s what it takes to excel!

One of the biggest proponents of that idea is keynote speaker Sheryl Sandberg. As a friend and member of Sheryl’s Lean In launch committee I’ve watched her empower women across the world year after year. She constantly strives to help women discover the power they hold. It’s a mission that we share. I believe that when we recognize our power and lift each other up, we’re unstoppable.