Welcome to My Story – ninavaca.com

Today is a milestone in my life.  Today, after twenty-one years, I’m launching my own personal website, ninavaca.com.  To celebrate the kickoff, I was interviewed by WE USA, the leading women enterprise magazine in America.  I wanted to share my interview with you, to invite you into the story of ninavaca.com.

What inspired you to launch ninavaca.com?  

I was inspired to create my website because you cannot be what you cannot see. In my twenty years as a CEO and philanthropic leader, I have experienced first hand how a successful woman can uplift her family, her community and her country through her business and example.  Positive role models change lives, so I created ninavaca.com to inform and inspire our future.

What is your vision for ninavaca.com?  What will it offer interested visitors?  

I envision ninavaca.com creating an awareness of the opportunities and possibilities available.  It is a platform for me to share my resources, news, events, and experiences with others.  Through my site, I want to serve as a resource and example of the success women can achieve and the difference we can make in the world.

Who will ninavaca.com speak to?

My website is for anyone who seeks information and inspiration.  I want every child who dreams of a brighter future to be inspired by ninavaca.com.  I want to create success by building an ecosystem of connectivity through offerings such as the resource page, which will connect women and entrepreneurs to organizations, resources, and opportunities to grow themselves and their businesses.

You’ve been both a business and civic leader for years.  What made you decide to launch ninavaca.com now?

We are living in an amazing time because women are advancing in every part of society.  We are achieving new levels of success every day.  We are changing the face of the globe, so what better time to launch my site than 2017?  I’m working to inspire our future, so there is no time more fitting than the present to launch ninavaca.com.