Nina launched the “Aid for Ecuador” campaign in response to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador in April 2016. More than 660 people have been killed, with more than 27,000 injured. Thousands of homes, businesses, public buildings and schools are in ruins.

Nina Vaca explained: “While the disaster has already faded from the headlines, the acute needs of water, food, clothing and shelter are thankfully being addressed. Unfortunately, the people of Ecuador are also dealing with the long-term effects losing family, friends and property. They are also coping with the challenge of restoring their communities – specifically, the small business enterprises upon which countless families depend for their livelihood.”

Cinemark employees, Kohl’s, Lee Roy Mitchell Foundation, Pinnacle Group employees, and family and friends supported the campaign with a generous contribution to help the entrepreneurial ecosystem through rebuilding small business infrastructure in Ecuador.

To raise awareness (and funds!) Nina competed in the world-famous, grueling “Escape From Alcatraz” Triathlon on June 12th in San Francisco. Nina fundraised $100K.

She partnered with the RE-EMPRENDE project which is a program that seeks to reactivate the productive activities of entrepreneurs in the affected areas, in an innovative way, through technical assistance and financing, helping entrepreneurs rebuild their businesses, and ultimately their communities.