2021 ALPFA National Conference

Pinnacle’s Group CEO & Chairman, Nina Vaca, participated on a fireside chat with ALPFA’s CEO Damian Rivera in the 2021 ALPFA National Conference. “Enjoyed participating in the 2021 ALPFA National Convention, Connecting for Impact, sponsored by Bank of America. thank you Damian Rivera for your leadership. As I reflect on ALPFA, the impact that it has for the next generation of leadership, and the role that it plays in this country for the Latino community, it was really a privilege to be included. Enjoyed unpacking how leaders deal with change and how triathlon helps me sharpens my skills”, Vaca said.

Each year, ALPFA’s National Convention brings together thousands of people who share a common goal – to connect for impact. Whether through expanded knowledge and purpose, job creation, mentorship, networking, or philanthropy, the ALPFA convention makes a difference and is leading the community in efforts to change the business landscape for Latinos.