Nina Vaca and Natalie Molina Raise $100,000 to Help Ecuadorian Entrepreneurs Rebuild

Portoviejo – Ecuador, September 25-27,2016 – Personally touched by the news of Ecuador’s devastating earthquake, Ecuadorian-American Nina Vaca joined forces with Nathalie Molina Niño, founder of BRAVA Investments, to raise money to help Ecuadorian entrepreneurs rebuild their small businesses and their local communities.   Vaca and Molina raised $100,000 with the help of generous contributors such as the Kohl’s Corporation, the Lee Roy Mitchell Foundation, Cinemark employees, Pinnacle Group employees,  family, and friends.. Vaca traveled to Ecuador in September to personally deliver the funds and meet with local business leaders and entrepreneurs involved in rebuilding efforts.  The funds will benefit Ecuador Small Business Reconstruction & Recovery program and Portoviejo-based initiative Re-Emprende to support small business regrowth efforts.  “Even in the most dire circumstances, entrepreneurs will find a way,” says Vaca.  “Entrepreneurs bring life to communities.  With this money, we can help Ecuadorian entrepreneurs rebuild their businesses and thus their country.”  After visiting “Zone Cero” in Portoviejo, Vaca and Molina realized the continued need for assistance and have dedicated themselves to further helping Ecuador through the Aid for Ecuador campaign.

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