Nina Vaca speaks at women’s business conference

Nina Vaca speaks at women’s business conference opened by First Lady of Ecuador

Nina Vaca kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month by giving the opening keynote at Seminarium, a renowned leadership conference for women entrepreneurs, in her home country of Ecuador.

First Lady Rocío de Moreno, who serves as Secretaría Técnica Plan Toda Una Vida Ecuador, the country’s top humanitarian, opened Seminarium Sept. 18, 2018. The event, “Women Entrepreneurs, Leadership, and Transformation,” was geared to entrepreneurs, academics, and government to enable the visualization of Ecuador’s impact on the promotion of female talent and in the creation of companies.

The program assists in the planning and promotion of academic events on a variety of topics while bringing in highly qualified national and international experts. They have also contributed to conferences and events that contribute to the dialogue in Ecuadorian society.

As an American born in Ecuador, Nina was humbled to speak in her home country.

“This is the country where my father lies, my parents grew up, and where my grandfather made history as an entrepreneur. He was a pioneer who built his family through entrepreneurship,” Nina said. “My mission is to honor this legacy and continue to give back to a country that has given us so much.”