Worth Every Mile: Nina Vaca Travels to Vietnam to Promote Entrepreneurship

Hanoi, Vietnam, September 29, 2016- Nina Vaca arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam to promote entrepreneurship in her role as Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE).  Vaca shared her entrepreneurial journey with the students of the National Economics University.  She also participated in a roundtable discussion hosted at the Hanoi American Center with Hanoi American Center Director Fenghua Wang and local entrepreneurs.  Vaca, a strong advocate for access to capital for entrepreneurs globally, also met with the Vietnam Angels Network (VAN) Investors, a group dedicated to supporting both startups and angel investors in Vietnam. “Days like these are when I realize how truly blessed I am,” said Vaca of her time in Hanoi.  “I’m an ordinary woman with extraordinary dreams who now utilizes my journey to inspire others as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship!  Seeing the smiling faces of hope and inspiration was worth every single mile to get here!”

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