Cherishing loved ones during the holidays

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The holiday season is brimming over with satisfaction about the year that’s passed and hope for the new year that’s about to begin.

The togetherness and joy brings so much peace and inspiration.  It gives us a reason to reflect on what matters most in our lives, and for me that means family. Not only my immediate family, but those I work with and serve with at home and around the world.

Having a strong community of people who support my success is such a blessing and sustains me year after year, as I shared in my last post. My wish for everyone is to have this in their life, as well as foster it with others. Think about the people who support you and do the same for them. Offer not only words of encouragement, but opportunities, insight, and guidance. One of my favorite sayings is “We’re not going to change the world with our words. We change the world with our actions.”

The past few months were full of events that had me traveling every which way. Even if you haven’t gone anywhere, you can probably relate to being pulled in many different directions. It can leave us feeling drained. The next few days are a chance to slow down, though. To notice more fully the people in our lives. In such a hectic world, being present with our loved ones is the best present we can get!

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