“TRI for Homes”


We will be giving 40 families a new home and a fresh start in the “Villa de la Alegrìa” Thank you for supporting the “TRI For Homes” campaign.



  1. Development of a project which consists of 20 hectares, subdivided into 40 lots, providing family housing and services of water, electricity, waste water handling and access via streets.
  2. Deliver a property lot of 5,000 m2 to 40 families, destined to the construction of a home, and installation of a productive orchard of cacao, a family orchard and a breeding place for small animals.
  3. Construction of a Community Center, a training center, sports fields, and a Collection Center for the curing and treatment of Cacao.


  1. Contribute to the wellbeing of the families affected by the earthquake of 16 April, 2016 through the social and economic recuperation of 40 families.
  2. Construct a new, productive community through resettlement.
  3. Provide goods and services to the new community that permit the families to  live with dignity and to assist them in developing long term, sustainable social and economic activities.